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Make Your Mark - A Photography Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

On today's episode we are going to talk about that time I hung out with Trent Reznor of Nine inch nails and why Innovation over imitation is key in creativity.

Jun 23, 2021

We have a special bonus episode for you this week! Today we chat with Alyanna Marr of BouDIY & GlamMarr Studios to talk about her amazing upcoming class "Nudescapes"

Jun 21, 2021

Today we talk with my awesome business partner, executive producer, and friend Lacy Morgan about the importance of messaging.

Jun 14, 2021

Description: Understanding why feelings of inadequacy follow us as artists. This week I show you one of the biggest aha moments of my career as a creative. Dive in with us and learn the secret the pros already know. I want to share more with you so follow me on IG @denisebirdsongphotographer

Jun 7, 2021

Today’s episode reveals how an unexpected surprise took me from partying with Metallica in the heart of San Francisco bohemia to working my way up the corporate ladder while simultaneously losing all sense of purpose at least until I discovered something that would change EVERYTHING. I want to share more with you so...